Seriously, again?

abuses another "feature" of recent server CPUs called DDIO to perform a side-channel attack on a remote CPU.

Here's the whitepaper on how works.

Money quote:

"Intel DDIO is enabled by default on all Intel® Xeon® processor E5 servers and workstations. Intel DDIO has no hardware dependencies and is invisible to software. No driver changes are required. No OS or VMM changes are required. No application changes are required."

@_xhr_ did tthey just call an exploit "netcat" ? Sigh... are they not aware of name clashes, or is that intentional?

@Wolf480pl They are aware. Just see the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

@_xhr_ IMO that's defamation, let's hope that nobody will learn about NetCAT the exploit before learning about netcat the tool.

@_xhr_ the example clip looks scary - literally predicting keystrokes on timing alone. I wonder how well trained it has to be for that?

@stsquad Besides that I also wonder how accurate the prediction is once the network card is fully loaded.

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