My server just got blacklisted by just out of the blue. I have proper DNS settings, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and could send emails to accounts last week.

And their web form to request delisting always returns "Sorry, failure on our side. Come back later". WTF?

Anyone in the fediverse knows how to get over that shit?

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@fireglow Currently, the MS website has an error.

However, I haven't heard about SNDS yet ... I'll have a look

@_xhr_ Exactly the same happened to me. I decided to change my Mailserver IP :/

@_xhr_ MS nutzt cisco talos inteligence soweit ich weiß. Mein IP stand hier geblacklisted:

Wenn man sich da durch liest, dann lernt man, dass man sich nicht delisten kann, das System aber immer wieder prüft und wenn alles gut ist die Reputation zurück gesetzt wird.

Bei mir war das nach 2 Tagen nicht der Fall und der Server war neu. Daher was ne neue IP kein großes Ding.

@sh OK, danke für die Info. Dann behalte ich das im Auge.

A long term solution might be to run your smtp server from a host ip that isn't on any blacklists or likely to go on any blacklists.

@kot Any hints on how to run a server that will not end up on a blacklist?

@_xhr_ Don't share the same /24 with idiots.

Good luck.

@_xhr_ @kot I learned that dedicated servers are less likely to be blocked than those cheap VPS systems. I assume because all the idiots are running those 5 euro virtual servers.

@_xhr_ Not much to do. Outlook silently blocked my mails (no inbox, no spam, no trash, nothing) for two years. Now... I can deliver them to the spam folder.

All my config is perfect and get 10/10 deliverability on all online checkers. Outlook really is a bad citizen with small mailservers.

@_xhr_ My best recommendation is to stop federating with them. If nobody sends them email anymore, they will have to adapt or die.

@x_cli I would immediately do that, however, I have some friends over there to whom I want to send emails :/

@_xhr_ Friends don't let friends keep an outlook account ;)
But I see your point :) This is why I don't run my own mailserver any more. Even in previous $dayjob as a University, we get blacklisted without warning, no useable feedback mechanisms, no nothing. Until one day mail starts flowing again.

It helps if end-users whitelist your sending address - sometimes messages are accepted by the front end but never delivered to mailbox (even to spam/junk). But it's a bit like Skinner's pigeons.

@yojimbo Yeah, sometimes I feel like Don Quichote. However, I won't give up on running my own services. Everybody giving up has led to the situation we face today. The Internetz is governed by Megacrops and they insist on their own rules.

@_xhr_ we had this issue as well (hosting a few mail accounts for about 20 people or something) as the whole hetzner ipspace was blacklisted there. got around it using that form ( ) but we have a low email limit and they might block us again at any time.
As this is a common issue I just told all of my contacts to not use microsoft as a email provider. If you need mail delivery for commercial reasons... you're probably out of luck.

@bsod Will try the form again. Luckily, I only have private services and very limited contacts using outlook addresses.

@_xhr_ Interesting. Anything obvious that could have triggered Outlook to classify as spam?
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