Poll. What kind of servers/resolution do you use?

I can only provide 4 answers, so if you use other methods please reply to the toot. Also if you want to explain why.

Boosts appreciated!

@_xhr_ I use my ISP's DNS servers - either assignled by DHCP or copy-pasted from DHCP to static config - because they're supposed to be closest to me and have a big cache.

@_xhr_ Can you explicit "Recursive Resolving"? I can only guess that means "local resolver", but... that's weirdly worded. I would answer "Recursive Resolving" even when using my ISP resolver if I was pedantic.

@x_cli Directly querying the root name servers with your local resolver.

I'm not sure, and in which context?
On my "main" - smartphone I've installed #blokada and using DNS over and CCC Berlin and on my "desktop" HP-dx5150-mt using the provider default from Vodafone - Kabeldeutschland

@alm10965 Mainly desktop usage but all-in-one solution are also welcome :) I use DoT for both mobile and desktop usage.

I use unbound as a local resolver for my network at home and all devices receive the IP of the unbound server over DHCP

@_xhr_ I use good old normal DNS but not the ones set by my provider (DHCP) but some servers I set myself.

@nipos Any special servers? Privacy aware ones? Fast ones? Others...

@_xhr_ Currently it's because they're fast and stable but I'm planning to switch to some from Kuketz Blogs recommendation list ( ) in future.

@_xhr_ DNS set by DHCP, to a local recursive resolver, which does DNS over HTTP, and my firewall blocks other DNS traffic that would bypass my resolver.

So 3/4 of your choices are valid for me
@_xhr_ well I guess my recursive resolver is really just forwarding to DoH at the moment so it's not being recursive
@_xhr_ currently Cloudflare or Quad9. Doing some latency testing stuff.

Previously I've used DNSCrypt to OpenDNS.

Majority of the time my local resolver is doing the recursion itself.

@feld Yeah, both are quite fast.

However, I don't want to use them for privacy reasons. So I am using now a combination of own and public German DoT servers.

@_xhr_ I am interested in doing this as well.

Does DoT preserve EDNS? That was one major issue with DNSCrypt... I'd end up sent to Australian mirrors for Youtube and shit

@_xhr_ Sometimes I use PiHole and sometimes I use the server...

At home: set of non-logging, not-filtering #DoT servers (including but not limited to #digitalcourage DNS) queried round-robin by a local #Unbound server used as upstream für #Pi-Hole running on a Pi-Zero.

Mobile devices outside: #digitalcourage DoT servers.
I manually switched off #DNSoverCloudflare in (hopefully) all firefox installs.

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