I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights


@jpmens Totally agree with you. I have the same setup.

And I always have to explain myself to non-IT-people why I have such a setup 😢

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@_xhr_ @jpmens Same here. I'm still struggling to counter the "I have nothing to hide" attitude.

@dirkolmes @_xhr_ @jpmens
Give me your phone. I'm gonna install a program which watches you while you poop.

@malin @dirkolmes @_xhr_ @jpmens cool, can i get stats for that to post on FB/birdsite/insta? Is there a leaderboard? How do I win? What does my ribbon look like?

@Gisikon_Root @malin @dirkolmes @jpmens We as IT guys knew a decade ago that gamification is a thing. The AD industry now knows as well.

@dirkolmes @jpmens I usually go with an analogy here:

"Would you allow me to install a webcam above your bed?"

"Hell, no! Are you crazy?"

"No. You started the silly discussion and you actually have something to hide"

Works most of the time 😆

@_xhr_ @dirkolmes @jpmens My offer is "I can clone your entire phone and put it on the internet for free. Since you have nothing to hide..."

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