Question towards the users here. I have a system with two disks (sd0 and sd1).

I want to install the base system on sd0 and /home on sd1. And I want both disks to be softraid encrypted and enter my password only once at boot.

Is that possible?

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@_xhr_ you can go mad scientist and make the sd1 drive use a key disk on the decrypted sd0 drive (which would probably be sd2 something at that point).

@_xhr_ I think so, @stsp did a BSDCan talk where he setup a machine for a friend to avoid any passwords.

"Building an accessible OpenBSD laptop (Enabling secure and functional computing for a person with severe disabilities)"

@_xhr_ @stsp Hmm, having multiple disks may be more complicated, be presumably possible?

@brynet @stsp yes, having both disks encrypted will get tricky. Maybe I can cook something up with @tedu idea

@_xhr_ @brynet @stsp @tedu I used a passfile (bioctl -p) on an encrypted fs for an external disk, but I don't remember how automatic it gets.

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