Oh, how I hate that large email providers abuse their power.

Deutsche Telekom refuses to accept email from one of my MXes because the DNS is gamma. and not mail. They even wrote that in a fucking email to me.

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@_xhr_ I once had the problem that they refused one of my IPs. It was not on any list.

After writing to the special address I was told they refused because my IP had no traffic to them since $time.

In the end it sounded like I have to send spam (generating traffic) to be able to talk to their customers....

@lemming @_xhr_ My mailservers domain name is beeftraeger. and the telekom happily accepts mails from me.


@psy @lemming That's the thing! Their actions are completely random, they don't follow a process.

Their own docs (as in state that having a proper hostname is only a recommendation not a requirement.

They should read their own documents, for fucks sake!

@_xhr_ @lemming I guess it highly depends on who you reach at their end.

@psy @lemming In case of support, yes.

However, how does their incoming mailserver decides that mine is not eligible to send emails to their system? Do they have a script to check if the hostname doesn't matches a certain pattern?

/me shakes his head

@_xhr_ @lemming Educated guess based on my experience: ip ranking.

For example: A server from the hetzner serverbörse with a well established and known ip: no problems at all vs a new cloud server with a new ip (seems like hetzner bought ip ranges from india): blocked by telekom until i wrote an email.

@psy @lemming Yeah, that's a good guess. The affected MX is a VPS :)

@lemming @_xhr_ yeah, telekom is the worst; in fact I think they're the only ones ever to refuse my mail (with "IP=... - A problem occured." - very specific and helpful).. maybe I should write to their special address after all.


@Doomed_Daniel @lemming @_xhr_

They refused my mail once with the reason, that my mail server had no mx-record, so they would not have been able to send me abuse …

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