I am curious. What do you do with your Laptop at the end of the day?

If you do something else, please reply. Boosts appreciated.

@_xhr_ S3 or shutdown, desktops I mostly leave running.

@_xhr_ work laptop suspended to disk, because ram uses 25% of the battery before I turn it on in the morning (and it enables the encryption)

Personal? Just close the lid! That does ram+disk if it's on battery or just ram if it's on mains.

@_xhr_ I once had my macbook air suspend to ram every night for 3-4 months. Then it started doing visual glitches, which went away on a restart....

@_xhr_ I used to suspend it to ram. Now I let them run and donate computing power for medical projects at BOINC (

@_xhr_ My laptop is 8 years old. Shuting it down is simply fire prevention :P

@Goran @_xhr_
my thinkpad is 9 years old, and I wouldn't've thought it could be any more fire-risky than a moder one 🤔

@_xhr_ Whats the benefit of suspend to RAM compared to shutdown? Its like paying money for having to wait 10 seconds less everyday?

@samurro Depending on the OS, suspend to RAM is much faster than a complete shutdown.

But I also like to shutdown my laptop after work.

@samurro @_xhr_ (technically I use suspend to disk, but my reasoning would be the same) I suspend my computer in the evening, not because of how long it takes to boot, which is about the same, but because of the 20 minutes of logging back into things that has to occur everytime I reboot.

@OpenComputeDesign @_xhr_ I dont get that, so much waste of power just for a lack of properly setup logins.

@samurro @_xhr_ what do you mean? (also, suspend to disk uses basically no extra power because the computer is actually off)

@OpenComputeDesign @_xhr_ Oh I kinda mixed suspend to ram with what you said, sorry.

@_xhr_ Laptop I suspend to RAM because I use it daily. Shut it down when I know I won't use it for days.

Also, my touchpad has often issues in Linux and won't work on every boot, that's one reason I dislike shutting down too, haha.

@_xhr_ What ever #macOS does when I close it; to Disk? 😮it is‘nt a labtop. When I was using a Windows, I shut down. Booting in the morning was the first time to get a coffee 🤓

@karlos Oh, I know that feeling. When my corporate Windows boots in the morning I can easily get and drink 2 cups of coffee :)

@_xhr_ I have systemd hybrid suspend features, but the values for suspend to disk is 12h. Just in case, that I'll probably always have enough amount of battery left.

New Laptop with windows 10. Suspend to RAM

@_xhr_ Suspend to disk, now I've discovered /proc/acpi/wakeup

shut down, since I own a LOS driven phone. Before e-mail was realtime messaging for me.

@_xhr_ Suspend to RAM after closing sensitive crypto containers.

@_xhr_ I wonder how many of you think you're shutting it down when closing the lid.

I just find it strange that someone would shutdown their laptop.

Suspend to disk is fine for me since I use FDE.

@stemid I don't know but I guess some Laptop users might have that misconception.

In the end, suspend to disk is also a complete shutdown except that you write your RAM's content on disk.

I personally also shut down my laptop for two reasons: (a) I can restore my working environment with a single keypress after login and (b) OpenBSD randomizes the kernel at each boot. With suspend2disk, one has to use the same kernel at each resume.

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