If you want to help a really cool project, test the upcoming Version 6 of .

Compared to nearly all other screen lockers, xscreensaver hasn't suffered from (trivial) lock bypass flaws. Its author, jwz, puts a lot of effort into secure design. Check his blog for some detailed blog articles on the topic.

The blogpost somehow sounded like it's an integral part now (and the README also mentions libsystemd as a needed dependency) - glad to hear that's not the case!

@Doomed_Daniel Since I run only non-systemd operating systems this would be a 100% showstopper for me :)

I don't use screensaver (I may well try his) but I started reading his posts regarding screensavers and security risks. I am not much of a security expert, but I find it very instructive. Thx for sharing :)

@DavidBosman Yes, jwz's blog posts are insightful and sometimes quite entertaining :)

@_xhr_ Yeah, just can't put it down and get back to zork. This is really good :)

@_xhr_ I still think it's absolutely insane that Apple is censoring Xscreensaver on their platform (iOS) because they're worried about the political thoughts people might have while watching some of the screensavers.

@swiley Wow, never heard of this.

I usually use the blank screensaver so I never cared about the graphical ones.

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