Wow. owned - a vendor that sells mobile phone hacking and extraction software to shady goverments around the work - big time.

Read this awesome article and be sure to watch the clip.

@_xhr_ Says who? The linked article just speaks of "we found a copy of their software and took a look inside" – not about Signal owning (or having owned) Cellbrite. Did I miss something?

@_xhr_ Ah, got it – like in "you have been pwned"? That makes sense then 🤣

strong language 

@IzzyOnDroid Like this! Another - not very polite - saying would be: "they got them by the balls" 😆

strong language 

@_xhr_ Always those double meanings. So they f*cked them good, yeah 🙊 😆 Not even that bag was sufficiently secured 🤣

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