It's sad to see #digitalocean drop support for #freebsd images. My own website has run on a FreeBSD image there for almost 5 years.

I really hope they reconsider this in the future. I can't imagine DO "maintaining" support for FreeBSD has much overhead, so this move seems more political to me than technical.

If anyone here knows of *BSD hosting alternatives to what DO offered, please let me know.

Shame on you @digitalocean

@thomasadam I have all my OpenBSD VPS with IONOS ( You can select if your VPS should run in UK, US, DE or ES.

You can upload custom ISO images and have access to a virtual KVM so you can install whatever runs on top of VMWare ESXi.

Plus, their smallest VPS starts at 2EUR, so cheap enough to have a backup system.

@_xhr_ Thank you! I shall investigate that! At the moment I'm freeloading shell accounts from the tildeverse for a few things which feels wrong, but I can't continue to use DO either. So, thanks! :-)

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