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Did u know the glyph failure character is known as a tofu □

And occasionally the phenomenon in which it happens is referred to as tofu-baké

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Success! I've got right the flipping ink over the xrender extension.

what really *is* an exclamation point??

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Some of you know I've started a blog called FOSS Academic ( I'm exploring life as an academic who tries to use as much free and open source software as possible. You know, being a lonely humanities Linux user at a university.

I'm writing to solicit questions people might have about being a FOSS Academic. Or maybe to solicit comments on the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream. Not that I know all the things, but I'm curious what questions people have about this area, if any.

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You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen #plotter to turn TeX into handwritten maths

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a metaphor is just a user interface for an idea

airplanes r so wild

what a graceful machine turned commonplace

Spiciness breathes drama into a meal

@yoshiki Yeah for sure, my argument for math comics is that our eyes naturally saccade to fill in informational gaps. The common refrain for math videos is "it's better than live lecture because you can just rewind!". But glancing is way faster, and probably better for memory too.

@yoshiki youtube is, after all, an extension of television by name ("tube")

@yoshiki definitely a platform advantage -- the people who make the (terribly watered down) video essays need the clickbait discoverability to get paid and make more.

Counter example is

refrigerators and bookshelves have a lot in common

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I made Sift, an experimental image editor that slices an image into layers. You can offset the layers to generate interference patterns and pseudo-3D effects.

It uses additive blending and a pixel-based light splitting algorithm. It came out of thinking about how to add depth to a grid of pixels. For more info you can read the release notes ( or watch a video tour ( As always, I'd love to see anything you make with it.

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»To survive, we need to relearn multiple forms of curiosity.«

Anna Tsing, Heather Swanson, Elaine Gan & Nils Bubandt (2017). Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet - Ghosts and Monsters of the Anthropocene.

This collection is a good place to start!


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there we go!
100clock, catclock and color running with plan9port on debian!

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"come on then, I'll show ya what I mean!"

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