Request for good vibes/prayers/whatever you like to send on behalf of a dozen homeless cats I'm trying to help and a horrible bitchy quagmire I'm stuck in with two other potentially sabotaging people. Visualize; a good no-kill shelter accepting them, enemies setting aside their differences, being able to fundraise, being able to get broad interest in adopting, things working out to the best of all concerned. Thanks in advance, lovely people 😘

Wotan lying against his food puzzle. He's somehow comfortable like this

Richmond is going to look like Venice before long.

saints preserve me from arrogant, condesending, poor-hating, affluent neoliberal bitches

Fun fact: there's a spider-man villain named The Owl, and this is not a joke, who doesn't have any powers bird-related or otherwise. He's just a crime boss who likes to eat mice.

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"Spider-man's greatest villains include Doctor Octopus."
"Yes, go on."
"The Rhino."
"Love it."
"The Vulture."
"And Electro."
"No, god damnit, he has to be the Eel, none of this works if he's not the Eel!"

very very terrible climate news thread 

I'm using this thread to keep track of important articles, publications, discussions, and resources on the topic of catastrophic climate destabilization. It's a not fun topic to think about, but the better informed we are the more capable we can respond.

Please feel very welcome to link anything relevant here

vague neg 

it sucks to have to tell myself "no, you can't engage with something you enjoy a lot because the people that you have to put up with to do it are not safe for you"

I feel sad for the guy but he needs to work on rehoming himself and we can help his cats. His two dogs have already been rehomed, and kept together. Wish I could take one of the three I saw today but the idea was vetoed. Can at least help get them rehomed.

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Battery died. I’m back from being social for more than I want for the next month. Look at this cool ass motherfucker

This summer a trailer park near our neighborhood was completely flooded out and condemned, leaving some of the tenants homeless. They were unable to bring their pets and some of us have been going over and feeding/trying to collect and rehome. Today was my first visit where I fed & saw some cats. I also met the previous owner who told me their names. The tortie is Spice and the funny razorback tabby is Barnabus. Also met a black tomcat (nipped) known as Batman (not pictured).

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