These pictures of Jupiter taken by the Juno spacecraft are fucking with my emotions; I remember avidly staring at grainy black and white photos of the planets when I was very little. Absolutely breathtaking #astronomy

@StarStuffSister the advancements in resolution are incredible. All the Attenborough nature specials now are quantum leaps ahead of where they were in 2001-02. Wonders literally never cease.

@a9ymous And it's a similarly cool comparison bc he's been a naturalist forever and the old black and white stuff of him when he was young compared to now is incredible


@StarStuffSister the Making Of episode of BP2 is my favorite, new respect for what the contributors and crew do to make it happen and how much it's pushing forward our understanding *and appreciation* of the other life forms on our planet.

@a9ymous Nature documentaries, behind cartoons aimed at adults, are my favorite thing to watch. I couldn't agree more

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