Request for good vibes/prayers/whatever you like to send on behalf of a dozen homeless cats I'm trying to help and a horrible bitchy quagmire I'm stuck in with two other potentially sabotaging people. Visualize; a good no-kill shelter accepting them, enemies setting aside their differences, being able to fundraise, being able to get broad interest in adopting, things working out to the best of all concerned. Thanks in advance, lovely people 😘

@lady_lumb Check into the delivery option; not sure if that would be up to the insurers or not. I don't have to take Rx very often so I don't know much firsthand but I know people who have to stay on f.e. blood pressure or cholesterol meds and get anywhere from one to three months at a time delivered. Good luck with this! Last thing you need to be stressing about.

@lady_lumb If you think it's just ignorance of how to behave and not deliberate meanness, that might make it easier to take. Are these meds tightly controlled, like they're worried people will sell them or something? It seems like a prime candidate for ship-to-home fulfillment. elicited actual snort laugh

hrt (-) 

@lady_lumb fingers crossed for you that this can get resolved. is this the only pharmacy that's available to you?

@lady_lumb the idea that the pharmacists filling your scrips would do that is somehow especially offensive

Wotan lying against his food puzzle. He's somehow comfortable like this

Richmond is going to look like Venice before long. I'm always sincerely happy for people who lucked into loving parents. I wish I felt that way. I wish it were possible for me to interact with either of mine for five minutes without wanting to kill myself. When I hear [non-southern] adults say it to their fathers in public I find it a little creepy too, like somewhere in the teens it should have become "dad" and "daddy" reserved for private moments when he's being your superhero again for a fleeting moment (if that makes sense). But I don't find it creepy for sexual reasons, just because it seems like some people never differentiate from their parents.

saints preserve me from arrogant, condesending, poor-hating, affluent neoliberal bitches

Fun fact: there's a spider-man villain named The Owl, and this is not a joke, who doesn't have any powers bird-related or otherwise. He's just a crime boss who likes to eat mice.

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"Spider-man's greatest villains include Doctor Octopus."
"Yes, go on."
"The Rhino."
"Love it."
"The Vulture."
"And Electro."
"No, god damnit, he has to be the Eel, none of this works if he's not the Eel!"

@edvonaderkas thank you for adding your thoughts to this. i've just changed my profile to add pronouns and "hetero AFAB". Feels a bit more than anyone would care to know, but i've learned a lot from this. i had a lop in college but never had two. it sounds a bit like what cats get up to though. are your buns speutered?

@fragamacrunch can't wait to see what this cleancut youth looks like in the next panel

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