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friendly reminder to myself that I am doing better than I ever have before and that counts for something

Here are some more snaps. You will absolutely get super jealous at Japanese travel infrastructure. Every major city has a subway. Every major city on Honshu and Kyushu is connected by the Shinkansen. From every Shinkansen stop, numerous outlying cities are connected by ordinary, extremely good and efficient, commuter rail.

People actually get pissed if the train leaves one minute early or is more than one minute late. I shit you not. It is amazing.

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Holding hands with Zelda always calms me down after a night of participating in the public infrastructure planning process.

i dread asking this but i want to hear the consensus. i'm a cis hetero female. should i be using pronouns in my profile or not? i'd thought everyone was just doing it as a matter of course now but saw something contrary to that idea here and took them out of my profile, then saw someone today asking ppl to add their pronouns. also, is 'cishet' actually a pejorative term or is it just paranoid homophobes who think it's "hate speech"? what say ye peeps? pls humor a Confused Old™. i feel dumb.

went on the birdsite for like 5 seconds and immediately felt both awful and intense rage

an #introduction:

my name is beka, i'm 29 and live in london (GMT)

i'm queer/bisexual, cis and my pronouns are she/her

i work as a therapist in the nhs for a trauma response team

i have #BPD and #PTSD

some things i'm interested in are #mentalhealth #LGBTissues #sexualhealth #feminism #baking #buffy #tortoises #deathcabforcutie #youthwork #houseplants #makeup #skincare #thegoldengirls #polaroids #girlbands #bigboobissues #podcasts #truecrime

Hey, sexy bitches. It's Saturday.

Go and enjoy the fuck out of something. Just because.

Being a weirdo and browsing community board announcements has born some fantastic fruit today: there's gonna be a dog cafe opening in my neighborhood and they have a liquor license

anyone has experience with cleaning (D)SLR lenses for fungus ?
(done by you and not a paid service !)
what chemicals do you use ? specific grease after cleaning ? clothing type ? etc.

pls boost :blobheart:

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