Link: How Australia played the world's first music on a computer 

On CSIRAC, a first-generation machine whose memory was mercury acoustic delay lines!

Just created a new designation of technical debt:

"That library is like an underwater jumbo mortgage on an uninsured house that just burned down and has recently been designated a Superfund site."

Interested in a system of government which takes into account advances in cognitive science, psychology, logical fallacies, mass media, the Internet, big data, AI, and environmental science. Because systems are hopelessly inadequate for dealing with these things in a way that is actually GOOD for people. Capitalists know we are hackable animals and are already using an insurmountable arsenal of these tools against us.

For all the #gplus folks arriving on Mastodon, some things to know:

Check out this hashtag for helpful information: #tootorial

Put things that other people might find upsetting behind a content warning (use the ⚠️ button). Many people want a chance to take a deep breath before opening a bad news post, for example.

Try writing an introductions post with hashtags like this one:

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX and UNIX stands for Uniplexed Information and Computing Service so the full proper name for GIMP is actually:

GNU’s Not Uniplexed Information and Computing Service Image Manipulation Program

Toot. 28 minutes of the working day remains, but who’s counting?

Sharing the good doggo times. Barney would say hi but he’s busy...

Here's a fun TIL: Because the ratio of terms in the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi, and because phi is close to the ratio of km to miles, you can approximate conversion between distances with adjacent Fibonacci numbers.

So 2 km ≈ 1 mile, 3 km ≈ 2 miles, 5 km ≈ 3 miles, 8 km ≈ 5 miles, 13 km ≈ 8 miles, etc, etc

Australian accents are actually artificial. When Australians are born, they have English (London) accents. However, when they go through their Australian Christening (boxing match with a Kangaroo), they almost always get kicked in the jaw so hard that their speech pattern is forever altered.

Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife

If you suck at playing the trumpet that’s probably why.

This 2016 article on MUMPS is just sad because of the 'betcha didn't know' factor

<<The thing that particularly strikes me is how this resembles streaming data problems of IoT that we are only recently solving with Spark and Storm, but were solved perfectly adequately 40 and 50 years ago by MUMPS.>>



could it be that the multi-trillion dollar Information Technology Industry is MEGA SUPER bad at managing information about itself?

PSA: Due to a catastrophe, there's a chance that you're not following people from anymore, and they're not following you, either. We got rolled back a month or so.

So, check your friendos and buddaroos. Reacquaint yourselves. Play some Monopoly. Whatever.

(This is something that should probably be boosted.)

meet the meat 

Cooking my first brisket - carved off a couple of kilos for the pressure cooker - wonder what to do with the other 5kg!!

PEBKAC: problem exists between kubernetes and container

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