thinking about american portion sizes blows my fucking mind

yall can get coke in cup sizes that are larger than the family bottles they sell over here


"yeah i'll just have a 5th of a kilo of sugar dissolved in water, thanks"

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a tablespoon of sugar is about 13 grams, an apple pie recipe i use is about 4 tablespoons of sugar, meaning that 1 american large soft drink is about 4 apple pies of straight sugar, not counting the fructose in the apples themselves

do yanks even eat stuff thats not just drenched in sugar

@a_lizard there's something called the Team Gulp which is 128oz of soda

@a_lizard ok, this is going to sound like I'm pulling your leg, but I've got a "classic American pie" recipe here with 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar.

But no, no American pie maker I know it's that nuts.

@a_lizard yes, of course. The fried chicken and French fries are drenched in salt, so as to make you thirsty enough for 44oz of mountain dew

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