"i'm getting some strong effects from going outside, sitting on a bench and enjoying the world around me, i heard a bird call, strong sense of ego dissolution for a minute, need to investigate"

half of r/nootropics is goobers discovering that adding cocao to coffee is Good and then the other half is dipshits ordering benzos from a research chemical website and being like "wow, these help me sleep!"

"hey i've been putting random shit into my body cause internet people said it'd give me turbo brain, now my dick no work good anymore???"

the high risk section of their wiki also whips ass
"unknown risk profile"
for chemicals that are:

(we know what both of these drugs do regardless of the fluoride humping onto it)
(it's speed, this is speed)


normal person: yeah a cup of tea really helps me destress you know, just chills me out after a long day

reddit brain goober: ok so tea has a chemical in it called l-theanine, if i extract this and chew it as a dry powder i can bypass the sensory joys of life completely AND get the benefits from it

i swear half of these are just: "how can i suck the joy out of the finer things in life"

and the other half is like: "yo has anyone tried meth as a super brain drug?"

drugs, reddit nootropics guys 

you ever get flu like symptoms from a random untested drug you buy from the internet and then continue taking it some more, just to be sure?

"does anyone know a drink that contains the stuff tea has in it???"

gotta imagine the kind of joyless existence you have to lead where considering chewing dry tea leaves to bypass the hassle of having a cup of tea crosses your mind

@a_lizard "try and list dosage if you can" sounds more of a contest than a request 😆

@a_lizard this is reddit brain distilled into a single drop of essence

@dankwraith i've just been looking at the nootropics subreddit and pissing myself for an hour now

@a_lizard omg my partner works at a tech company and they sent her some mints and i popped one in my mouth to try and then i read the package and it contained tons of caffeine and L-Theanine and im like wtf i just wanted to make some tea but i guess i can't anymore

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