when ur daughter is running a ponzi scheme and you go to reddit asking how to best save face with the church, god bless america

also cool pastor for allowing uhhhhhh, merchants and bankers in his temple i guess? also usury? isn't that like 2 bible no-nos?

@radicalrobit i mean investment turds are often well paid for advertising whatever dumbfuck garbage the crypto cottage is peddling

@a_lizard isn't tiktok like the least monetized of all the social media platforms though? unless her plan is just to advertise there and get money via patreon or gofundme or whatever.

@radicalrobit i don't know how those tik tok people make money, probably through brand deals n whatever

@a_lizard He probably didn't even realize what it would entail at first and now that he's figured it out or had someone bring it up he's pumping the brakes hardcore

@a_lizard I mean, it wouldn't be against the spirit of crypto nerds to obfuscate what they actually do, she might have just pitched it as a club and not elaborated much further

@a_lizard Martin Luther just rolling in his grave right now... it was only a list how did it end up like this (it was only a list, it was only a list)

@a_lizard apropos of nothing "Take the Money and Run" started playing in my head as I read this I loved the insight on the powerplays inside of a local church community not even lmaoing at the cryptocurrency stuff, it's all shadowed by this adult woman who decided to ratfuck her daughter to gain a fake-ass leadership role in a hole of a church

@req yeah like if your 15 your old ends up running a ponzi scheme and your first thought is to wonder how it effects your future in the local church it's uhhhh, hmm

@a_lizard This is facinating.

And also, easy solution: Say you need to step back, give everyone a bitcoin wallet of their share. No-one has any idea what to do with it or how much it's worth. No-one wants to admit they don't know what crypto really is, it's all quietly forgotten about.

@a_lizard This reads like a modern retelling of someone's crusader kings story.

"My daughters traits means I can't pay off the church and it is threatening my plan to get my leader to become the pope."

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