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Why are conspiracy theories spreading so fast?
Find out after payment!

@a_lizard Among my minor wins of the week:

A hard-paywalled Nature article was submitted to HN. Sci-Hub isn't updating, so it's not there. But there's a pre-print on ArXiv.

So I recommended the link be switched to the ArXiv server, and it was.

(For all of HN's many faults, the admins are very approachable and responsive. You need to contact them via email rather than by calling them out in a comment, however. See the guidelines/contact information on the site. And yes, the admins share many of the common frustrations with the site.)

@a_lizard My personal favorite was the MIME encoding quoted-printable from 1990s Usenet being referred to quite derisively as quoted-unreadable.


"Bypass paywalls clean" and "I don't care abour cookies" from Firefox Add-ons

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