People donโ€™t understand how Indian society works. Itโ€™s corrupt af. Nothing moves without palm-greasing and Jugaad. The reason for this is the insanely competitive social order. (1/3)

It is the most competitive place on earth โ€” survival of the fittest in its truest form. Home, work, social life, driving, school, everywhere, you have beat the other, you have to be number 1 or you are a loser. Your neighbour gets a car, you need one. You get a car, your neighbour needs one. If he canโ€™t get it he will call the income tax office and complain that you have black money.

No amount of technology is going to change corruption. Do you think you will win a tender, which is tendered online, without some under the table funny business? No way. It is the Wild West of corruption and if you have survived in it, you are going to thrive anywhere on this planet. That is probably why Indians are the best at navigating complex corporate structures. But this is not good for us as a society. Dial back on the competition a bit we will be happier.

@aab1dh too sweeping a statement... Keeping up with the Joneses didn't emerge from India but from earlier capitalist societies. Not competition. Consumerism, promoted, advocated and driven by capitalistic mores and corporations...

@KayKap when everyone is competing and breaking the rules in a hyper-competitive frenzy. Do you think people will easily succeed? It brings everyone down. People have to competed or just survival.

@aab1dh True of every country in the world that has adopted capitalism to whatever degree... why are you suddenly picking on India. And as person, on an individual level, you always call a halt to the rat race. You can decide where your satisfaction meter tops; how far you will go and not; how much you will let the Joneses/Khannas/Khans affect you.. that is your call


@KayKap I am not picking on India. I am just making observations. That is the culture I grew up and the only real experience I have dealing with. I can compare and contrast and comment on what is good and bad. Right? Good is as I mentioned before family ties and culture and food. But work culture, ethic and corruption โ€” I am not a fan off.

ยท Toot! ยท 2 ยท 1 ยท 2

@KayKap To be honest I love India. It is one of the most amazing places on earth. But it is not without flaws and there are places where it needs to improve. Sorry if it sounded too negative.

@aab1dh Every country needs to improve. No country is perfect. If it was we would be living in Utopia. We don't claim India is not w/out flaws. It is, deeply flawed, we see that, we are working to resolve that...It is good to vent... but it is also good to try to come up with ways & means to rectify or ease off the flaws...

It is true that no country is perfect and none will ever be I imagine.
However, rather than our anecdotal perceptions, there has been an effort for some years now (since 1995) to quantify the level of corruption by country.
By this ranking India is by no means the worst for corruption:

@gemlog @KayKap it is not the worst. I am sure there are worse performers but the standard prescription in India for tackling corruption is to move processes online. All I am saying is that this is not working. However there is this false narrative out there that once tendering is done online there is less corruption. My contention is that the process is still riddled with corruption and nothing has really changed. I am talking from experience. Did demonetisation fix corruption or reduce it?

@aab1dh All these things you are talking about, we the people contributed to them. Therefore I said you/we can take call when to stop. Ground level corruption... are you/we willing to wait those extra days to get the work done? If not, well then there's the contributing factor. Try it, I have! Work might get delayed, but it gets done... and yes corruption is there, but not all around... we cause it, we can stop it...

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