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So WiFi networking suddenly stopped working on my laptop (no idea why)

and yet..

I can browse all the dat://sites I visited last night. The peer web is magic ✨

"There’s an obvious connection between a decentralized internet, in which individuals create and oversee their own digital identities, and a functioning democracy, in which we make informed choices about who rules us and how we are ruled. Yet too few people make that link."


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facebook colonialism Show more

When I open my computer, I don't just see an OS. I see the combined effort of hundreds of developers to create digital freedom for other people like me. They did this for free, on their own time, which they could've spent doing literally anything else.

This is why I will always use Linux on my machines. I don't care if it has bugs.

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"To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing."

- Raymond Williams #quotes

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

I found a film my bff starred in on piratebay. It has 31 seeds.

Part of me feels bad that people are pirating her work but the other part of me is proud asf that she made something so great people want to torrent it.

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gotta love this quote: "... Windows 10, which is what you get when you combine the elegance of old men who wear socks in sandals with the Chinese government’s respect for privacy and Martin Shkreli’s sense of ethics."


What's a £99 notebook like? (First in a series of posts.)
ar.al/2018/07/19/iota-360/ via @aral

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Facebook put out a patent application for a face recognition system that will match your face in stores and correlate it with your social media profile to assign you a shopper trust level.

That's some seriously dystopian shit right there.


Okay so setting up beaker browser is stupidly simple. I don't know why I was afraid of a simple chmod command.

The peer web is amazing. So empty and free of bullshit. Thinking of hosting my personal blog there instead of the http web. No government censorship and thought police there.

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Was also thinking about monetization. If an instance can offer premium features for a few dollars a month, it could help offset the operational costs. For instance, premium accounts get higher resolution images and a donation badge or something like that. cc @pea

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Don't overprepare for presentations. Don't write a script, don't practice by talking to a wall, just remember the key details you want to include (or don't, and have your slides remember them for you) an say them. It'll be easier to do this if you aren't fretting about remembering memorized lines.

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@h @aral @bob Then the documentation is incorrect.

Composite words often acquire meaning beyond the simple combination of their components. It's not just a chain of blocks.

Merkle chains existed before BitCoin, and "blockchain" was coined (eh, hehe) to refer to what BitCoin was doing -- a Merkle chain with a hard-to-forge global consensus on what the head of the chain is.

git, ssb and ipfs are not blockchains, because that would make the word entirely redundant.
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"Software like pcAnywhere is used by system administrators to access and control systems from a remote location to conduct maintenance or upgrade or alter software. But election-management systems and voting machines are supposed to be air-gapped for security reasons - that is, disconnected from the internet and from any other systems that are connected to the internet."


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@aral Without getting too political, and tooting something that fits in a toot, I agree for the most part.

We still have huge challenges ahead because granular decentralised power also means our systems need to get smarter about the ways in which we help people to take back control of their own data, which implies at least a little new level of competency will be needed, and new kinds of systems that help the user to always remain in charge delegating only as much responsibility as she wants.

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Can we please bring back Dieter Rams from retirement? I need more pleasantly designed devices in my life.

source: flickr.com/photos/kowitz/album