Guys I need some help. I noticed lately that my Amazon Prime video when played on Linux is not played on full Hd. Any work around?

“Tuticorin Custodial Deaths Worse Than That of George Floyd”, Says Former Vice Chairman of Minorities Commission
P Jayaraj and his son Beniks were arrested on Friday for keeping their mobile shop in Tuticorin open even after the permitted hours. They died in a hospital for days later.
Mumbai| The de

“India To Reduce Its Dependence On Imports,” Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi
PM Modi via video conference in the mid of the coronavirus crisis called the auction a major step in making India self-reliant in the energy sector

NEW DELHI| On Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi while

Hopefully this would be more in the future..

WindowsLatest: Windows 10 market share drops as Ubuntu record growth.

I have been using Mastodon for a couple weeks and I have to tell you I am absolutely loving it. Thank you community. @Mastodon Already considering to leave

Could someone please suggest me a good distro to run on a very old PC (more than 10 years old). It's for my parents for casual browsing & occasional media consumption.

Can't believe how stable the latest Linux distros have become compared to even a few years ago.

Which DE would you prefer?

is a very refreshing DE instead of the stock Gnome flavour. I personally liked it but its not recommended to be installed on a 4+ years old PC. Same goes with the

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