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Me and my crew getting called in to handle the big job

I really hope Jeremy Corbyn wins. It will make me feel slightly better about this world. Please Britain. Vote for Labour.

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How does Mastodon sort the toots on out r timeline? Is there an algorithm or do they appear as they are made in time?

There's an industry around everything.. especially charity. Don't give to the charity industry; give directly to those who want it. It's okay if you don't find out what they use it for.. just give with the intention of helping someone out and forget about it. If you end up helping a homeless person to smoke a cigarette or get a beer, so be it! At least it won't go to a charity that's a money-laundering front or to organize another fundraising party for an NGO bums..

Just found out that Shashi Tharoor is trying his hand at comedy, says a lot about the condition of India. Our tragedy is their comedy, their comedy is our tragedy.

Why can't the Supreme court of India give Sabarimala to women, and give men 5 acres of land to build a men only temple?! After all everything is to bring peace in the society na?! 🙄🙄😑

How to browse through a particular instance.. like.. I want to check out what kind of stuff is there on cryptids.online.. how do I filter my fediverse to just show toots from there?

image descriptions aren't just for blind people they're also for people who just dont understand what is happening, like me

Your late twenties is when you go to the fridge, open it, and then stare at it wondering what you're doing there.. at least once a week.

2020 plans: Migrate to decentralised, open source platforms.
(Txt: Chart showing alternatives to Adobe via @inkfycreates )

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