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Would you join a that was about the following?

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Life is a gift
A wonderful opportunity
Enjoy it
Spend it with your love

Even the best product can be undervalued, if not understood.

Our nation needs to not only focus on the wrongs of others, but also our own. We must cleanse our nation of injustice and baseless biases. The purpose of a trial is to weigh facts not people. The guilty party is guilty or innocent not because of who they are or what party they are on, but for what they have done. By this impartial standard many might find themselves behind bars. If so, we need to clean up ourselves.

Our nation has deep rooted biases that trample on the values we claim to stand for. If we want the truth, we must be truthful. If we want justice, we must be just. I’m confident that there has been a lot of wrongdoing all the way around and this erodes our position. Each side wants to see the other fall and if that’s the only intent it’s the wrong motivation. We must only seek what’s right.

100% effective anti-spam strategy so far: require users with less than 1 reputation point (total upvotes minus total downvotes) to have their posts approved by moderators

we also require mod approval for any account being created by an IP address that has previously logged in

and if the spammers manage to defeat this system,

@zatnosk people need to stop looking at computers as a solution to a problem and start looking at them as a tool that can make solving problems easier

because that's the difference between this system which is extremely simple and works and all those AI anti-spam things that don't work

I wanna finish the announcements feature but I'm dealing with a headache today. Just took some ibuprofen

It’s my birthday. Can an old guy get a boost?

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