For my next game I want to know, from most positions in space, where the nearest bit of solid ground is, very frequently. Instead of burning CPU rayscanning, I made a thing that precomputes it! Then I made a visualizer, and it's kinda pretty and weird, so *toot*.

Me: Jeez Dad, are you a helpful human being, or a Boolean expression evaluator?
Dad: Yes.

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The movie Pootie Tang does that same thing, right? The whole movie is shown as a "clip" in a talk show that bookends the whole film.
Anyhow please play my game. I don't even know why I care! Should... Should I just write games in secret? Like being obscure, but more deliberate? Nah, plz play game.

Reminds me of when my partner and I went to a movie and got there late, during trailers. We watched this trailer for, like 8 minutes, before we realized we were in the wrong theater, watching a whole wrong movie.

I plopped my new game on,, with a playthrough video and screenshots and stuff. So now you can just watch me play it, I guess? Its not even the trailer, it's the whole thing except the very end and some minor unexplored bits.

That egg-smashing level song sounds weirdly similar to the random music generated by

I wonder if the Necromancer music, and the tree glitter, is constrained runtime randomness, not fully pre-generated.

The aesthetic of the Bill Williams's Atari 800 game "Necromancer" haunts me. The glittering leaves, the reaching hands, the steady growth of the roots, and the level-shaking crash when a tree breaks through the floor to smash into the lower level. I wonder if I ever met Bill. He died young.

The big idea was to make the player steal weapons from the enemies. But I learned that enemy weapons and shots should be slow and telegraphed, to give players a chance to evade or put up shields, but player weapons should be fast as heck because that's more responsive and fun. Whenever I went back to game4 or game2 weapons I thought "dang, these feel way better".

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i was just looking through saved videos for reference, and came across this absolute gem. this is so mesmerizing.

i never played boulder dash, but afaict this is a custom level set which revels in some of the messier, more simulationist side of it.

I've abandoned/completed another personal JavaScript game project! - Game 5

It's a basic cave combat game with veeeery slight puzzle parts. It's got local multiplayer, and keyboard and touch support. There's about 20 minutes worth of game play in there maybe?

Let the kibbles hit the bowl, let the kibbles hit the bowl, let the kibbles hit the...

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@aaryte *narrator's voice* he finally understood: the bug is within all of us.

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