what is the most life changing bug you've ever encoutered in a videogame or managed to produce in one of your own?


@moshboy oh! There was a take-rocket-to-Mars sim on Atari 800 that made you decide what to bring, and weight and cost was important. You could buy cats, which were useless. But you could buy *negative* amounts! I would fill up on negative cats and float off the Earth with tons of equipment and piles of cash. I still think about all those negative cats.

@amydentata @moshboy I did register firstcatonmars.com in honor of this, and maybe I had negativecat.com at some point, I'm not sure.

@aaryte @moshboy This reminds me of my SO's own best bug story. He played Pirate's Quest, I think it was. Your ship would sit lower in the water and move more slowly if it had more cargo.

One day, he had a heavily loaded ship and completed a quest or something that gave him a bunch more cargo - and his ship started floating in mid air and moving super fast. The weight of his ship's cargo had integer overflowed to negative.

@aaryte @moshboy

technically this is a violation of Schrodinger's Commentary on Schrodinger's Cat, but I'll allow it

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