testing long urls in a toot this.is.a.test.with.a.very.lon.ok/my/document/slaps/lets/get/this/money.html we also put text after the link

What is ForkOff/Together? [correct links] 

Here are all the relevant links (Updated!):

What is #ForkOffTogether (Updated hashtag from only #ForkOff)?

Is Forking hostile? No, it's Self- and community care:

Summary of what went down Yday

Keep Calm and #ForkOn

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Ahhhh has an instance now! I set up my account at @annika, and may toot primarily from there now? (I did the checkmark convention for that.)

Keybase identity proof: 

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5wcIkHbsNGN5GP YsvuK4JdXIZZB8L 035vcmZk3tnMtr4 kOGOdsCDaMdXeTq nFG0smQXpRmPjr2 AGrNBnIQY61bY24 wEcwGP1sHz8HklH QbQlI5SnNVodDbi o0s0kldSbL2cXGr EURkziv0ybdzzLo krD61RI1BXGCB4e MCYEWr83uX1d0rU bCFO9hhRn4uMhXE iJ58uQQGEjCLdUJ UE01pciRpJCmmaL upJ8oWRW7wGC3ON pQFXzEm6mmhWoz4 9eLTE65zQivayEK Mni40cdgjBTZICI L0pbD9rvvUMrei4 Fem2wUa. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

@abackstrom {"yaml": "message:\n - \"hello\"\n - \"world\""}

- title: New Mastodon post format!
body: >
Given that we have so much room to
play with, I'm going to experiment with
alternate post types. Here's my first post
in YAML! Looking forward to future posts
in XML, JSON, Markdown, Brainfuck, Lisp,
and Minecraft. O BRAVE NEW WORLD
visibility: public
- meta
- yaml
- shitposting

Changed quite a bit since last night

new colors, removed the "drawer__header" since the third columns does more or less the same thing

an update on my plans for gay.crime.team

i'll be reverting to a single-user instance on friday. everyone's accounts will be active, but i'll be locking login on everyone, so your existing posts will still be here but you won't be able to write new ones.

please do the work to migrate to a new instance now. it'll make everything easier for everyone.

41,703 accounts
+9,643 in the last day
+18,737 in the last week

update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

I haven't allowed myself to consider for work stuff, even private scripts and helpers. I just entertained the thought, and it was like cracking open a door, getting barraged with bright light and song, then quickly closing the door and looking around to see if anyone noticed.

Why did I blog instead of playing Breath of the Wild, though?

At 500 characters, Mastodon's limit is *just short* of the smallest clearsigned gpg message I can create.

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