Making a demo to help people understand and manage an accessibility issue with QR codes. Actually remaking a demo to protect the identity of my client even though I think they would get lots of good-will for focusing on this. But I haven’t checked with them if it’s okay to show-and-tell and that would take longer to run up the chain of command than rebuilding and anonymising the demo for my purposes.

Sometimes I wish the default accepted behavior was just transparency all around.


@axbom This sounds very interesting(especially as someone who often gets requests regarding QR-codes from museums).

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@abbe98 Ah, interesting. This is primarily addressing QR codes on web pages, when logging in with BankID for example.

Someone who does a lot of thinking about QR codes in museum settings is Alastair Somerville. I don’t think he’s on Mastodon yet but here is a cool example of his from the birdsite:

His Medium posts are always worth a read:

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