Almost done with beetle! Needed a break from it but the power's still out so I drew a jellyfish to kill more time. #MastoArt

Bummer about the power being out. There were outages around me a couple days ago. traffic lights not working, policewoman directing cars around

@abbenm :( Our is scheduled loadshedding. The company that owns/runs/has monopoly of power in South Africa are rubbish and can barely provide electricity for the country, so when they get a fault at any of their plants and need to do repairs and the plant needs to go offline, they need to put the country into loadshedding. It's been off for two hours a day every day since Thursday.


@welshpixie having to plan your day around scheduled loadshedding (I'm guessing that's not quite the same as an outage), does not sound like the funnest of things

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@abbenm Yeah :/ And the mall we usually go to to kill time is now on the same outage schedule as us. So our whole town goes out, and the next town over -.-

@welshpixie fascinating to think (to me at least, probably not you having to live with it) that rolling scheduled outages can keep enough different parts of the world alive at different times that it's close enough to normalcy as long as you move to where the power is.

It makes me think of how a video game only draws the parts of the world where you are. Kiiind of.

@abbenm occlusion culling, but for power 😂 My friend lives in a suburb of the city that has a hospital in it, so the lucky sod never experiences these loadshedding outages; his power never goes out.

There was a time within the last few years where we were on a high stage loadshedding and had it three times a day :/ If you're interested in why it's so bad, look up the power company Eskom and their current situation.

@welshpixie I will check that out! I'm in a state that is considering taking privately owned utilities and making them publicly-owned and one of the reasons for that is public utilities have better records for staying online consistently.

@abbenm Ooh! That sounds cool. Yeah, sounds like a much better solution. They're still trying to figure out what to do with Eskom XD

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