I remember an episode where some silver goo was covering the whole world and just nobody could escape it. And it kinda freaked me out.

I have no idea which once it was and there's like 4 seasons of episodes to go through

HOLY MOLY I found the episode. It showed scene by scene the grey swallowing up the city, and people inside their command center watching as their last defenses are breached. It was scary


A parent picked up a baby who was crying scared because the grey was closing over the walls and coming to get them. And this was a kids show!

jesus christ. the baby dropped their toy to the ground, and the camera slowly zoomed in as it got enclosed in grey. how was this a kids show

and one by one it does a freeze frame on every character trapped in a frozen world, consumed by the grey


then it cuts to commercial break after panning back from the city, showing every inch of it frozen in grey death. not even a hint of hope that anyone can do anything to escape

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