What are some good hashtags to add as pinned columns?

is one I recommend, to see a constant stream of new people saying who they are and what they are about.

Currently is a good one.

Any others?

@abbenm *cough* right now I have #Nanowrimo and #flightrising, although the latter one I could skip and just have the local timeline up for me.

#introduction is a good idea. If only we could rearrange columns - I have room for two pinned.

You may already know this, but you can at least move your columns with followed hashtags from left to right.

Not at all the same thing admittedly, but it's something

@abbenm Yeah, I want to move Planet over next to Hailing Frequency…

I mean, Local Timeline next to Notifications.

@aldersprig You can do it, but you have to unpin everything -- it reappears in that ugly 'getting started' bar -- then re-open from the same bar in the order you want it. When you pin it again, the getting started bar reappears to the right of your new pin. Insane, but...

@abbenm #introduction was my first, and so far, only pinned search.
To add more, I'd have to scroll left-right and I dislike that =p

@abbenm I have #werewolfwednesday as one of mine. Not too many werewolf artists posting to that yet. :) and #creativetoots as it was recommended to post sales links there. :)

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