Facebook Watch, tasers 

Facebook watch knows what its users want: a lot of reality TV and violence. The first thing I saw when going to the Watch page was a video showing off how tasers subdue people.

I guess it's supposed to be raw red meat to people who get off on toughness. All kinds of practiced one-liners from the Tough Guy Cop that of course made the final edit for the video. awful

it only ends when Bob asks Hexadecimal to please undo the curse, because she won't have any more chaos and conflict without it. she agrees.

That's it. Thats how they solve it.

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while it's closing in, he locks eyes with Enzo in his last moments and enzo watches as the dog turns to stone

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the dog, brisket, runs for its life from the grey, stops when he sees it in front of him, and then his ears go back in despair while it closes in from all sides

then it cuts to commercial break after panning back from the city, showing every inch of it frozen in grey death. not even a hint of hope that anyone can do anything to escape

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and one by one it does a freeze frame on every character trapped in a frozen world, consumed by the grey

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jesus christ. the baby dropped their toy to the ground, and the camera slowly zoomed in as it got enclosed in grey. how was this a kids show

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A parent picked up a baby who was crying scared because the grey was closing over the walls and coming to get them. And this was a kids show!

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HOLY MOLY I found the episode. It showed scene by scene the grey swallowing up the city, and people inside their command center watching as their last defenses are breached. It was scary


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I remember an episode where some silver goo was covering the whole world and just nobody could escape it. And it kinda freaked me out.

I have no idea which once it was and there's like 4 seasons of episodes to go through

I'm in Beregost in 1, and my poor bard Garrick was down to 1 HP after we dispatched Marl the drunk in Feldepost Inn. But then I couldn't find anywhere to rest in the inn. No Inn owner anywhere? And the other in, the Friendly Arm, also didn't seem to have any options to sleep. I had to leave Beregost for the temple outside of town.

I am delighted by Dunkin's response to me clicking on him: 'Don't click on me! I don't want any trouble.'

I'm sitting next to the laundry machine because I thought it would be done by now but it's got 2 minutes

So I'm uploading these two pics of 'Tyco Zero Gravity' car set that I saw at a Goodwill

Oh, I love this Goodwill computer disclaimer for so many reasons.

"No Desktop Memory!!"

This is an AI generated attempt at a meme and I am enjoying how nonsensical this is

A 10+ years old comic I drew. 

Frame 1: "We have finally landed on Mars"

2: "This is accordion."

3: "THIS IS..."

4. "Careful. There is a hole here behind me." "Oh, right."

5. "We are now switched."

6. "Here is an apple."

7. "Yes... eat the space apple."

The hue test was pretty swell. You have to drag the color squares from side to side to arrange them in an order.

I saw it from an article about women with a mutation that lets them see millions of extra colors. Author of the article said they scored a 7 on the test. Zero would be the best score.


Helpful caption explaining that fences may have reasons for being fences, who knows.

The Seers Isle is amazing. The art is even better than I thought it would be

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