is there a lightweight scraper for reddit, like how there is invidious for youtube and nitter for twitter?

are there any free/open/at east non-evil places to do spreadsheets online, that aren't google or microsoft?

I'm using Simplenote for notes at the moment.

I like the idea of prefixing some tags with a hashtag, so they show up at the top of my notes list. But is there anything I can prefix notes with so they show up at the bottom?

this could also just be a thing where I'm wasting time thinking about it too much.

I'm thinking about instapaper vs pocket. And using one as a free infinite bookmarks thing (as opposed to pinboard which costs money).

And maybe using one as something else. Like for long reads?

Or maybe I'm overthinking it?

if I really really loved Bastion and Transistor to the point that I wished I could forget them so I could play them again for the first time, what else might I like?

I tried Pyre. It's ok. But not quite the same.

Anyone using Steam Play to play windows games on Linux?

Another question: what do you think of the idea of cities and towns hosting their own instances on the official town website, for residents?

The hope would be that numerous town-based instances start popping up, the way that some municipal policies do, such as plastic bag bans (which are currently spreading across my state.)

And the reason towns and cities would want to do it is to have some alternative infrastructure besides facebook.

what note taking app do you use that's not Evernote or Google Keep?

I really really like D Notes, it's practically perfect as a Google Keep killer, but you have to manually sync if you want to use it across devices.

SimpleNote is passable, but kind of crude. Any others?

where did you go after

was it ever replaced with anything?

does anybody know what happened to ?

What are some good hashtags to add as pinned columns?

is one I recommend, to see a constant stream of new people saying who they are and what they are about.

Currently is a good one.

Any others?

If you could pick ANY community of people to be the next influx of users, which would it be?

Is a tag people use yet? Because I think it's a good idea.

Anyway, here is my question: Is there any book that you read, that made you immediately want to read everything ever written by that author?

Thanks, I'll hang up and take my answer off the air.


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