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There's something that doesn't sit right with me about The Verge articles triumphantly declaring that Chome Apps, or VR, or the essential phone, etc. has 'failed' and is 'dead'.

A lot of those things exist in a space where you're supposed to be exited about it at a time before it's obvious that it will become mainstream. And a realistic timeline for actual success for any of them is closer to a decade, not a fucking single news cycle.

I was JUUUSSST about to hatepost about Cult of Luna, and how could they exist as a band for 10+ years and release a new album, the entirety of which was meandering nonsense, and right as I was having that thought, I skipped forward on "Inlaid Rain" on their newest album and it was really good.

Too little maybe. I'm seven tracks in. But there are the gems, irreplaceable.

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*tearfully, to my followers* will you remember me. will you press f when im gone

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@Elizafox "Look for the signs:
- Has your child mentioned anime recently, such as Naruto, Dragon Ballz, or Steven Universe?
- Does your child know about 'dark web' sites, such as Linux or DuckDuckGo?
- Does your child fail to 'like' your posts on Facebook even though you have a really good point about how Elizabeth Warren is actually hip and cool?
These are the signs that YOUR child may be addicted to foreign cartoons."

I had suggested that if your keeper got drafted by a computer, your keeper got returned to you, and whoever you drafted in that slot got moved to the computer team.

The manager who purposely drafted other players to keep for himself called this idea 'crap' and instead preferred to leave everything in stasis and didn't propose any solution.

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I remember once being in a fantasy baseball league that was a 'keeper' league, meaning you get to select a small handful of players to carry over from one year to the next.

We had a draft, and we had to draft our own players first, to make sure that yahoo would have them on our teams. But someone was absent, so a computer drafted the wrong players.

And then one manager purposely drafted someone else's keepers. When the dust settled, they refused to give them up. And the league disbanded.

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New gab friendly 

Here we go again, a new gab friendly instance.

Qoto people have alts there.
The dev of gab friendly fork of tusky called husky is there.

#fediBlock #mastoAdmin

James Carrey is against vaccines and believes in the law of attraction

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I'm tempted to start my year of free trials thing again.

7 free days of Starz. Then Showtime. Then, I don't know, Britbox. There's like a billion of them.

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and they say white people don't know how to season food... ummm, think again sweaty, i put this on every meal 💅😌

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What if we put Dracula's head on top of Dracula's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

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You are hereby banned from the computer. Not forever, just for fun. I'm a little bit because I don't know why I'm arguing with you, even more lost after seeing the context for this kind of advantage. Or maybe some colorful pasta.

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