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Intern at the FSF

We've just released 1.1.5 with icons for @inkscape, @matrix, @pixelfed, and 10 others.

Wishing a happy launch day to on 17th.

LibrePCB -

Discovered LibrePCB yesterday. Most interesting feature: "Version control of LibrePCB files is more fun: All files of LibrePCB projects and libraries are optimized for version control systems."

Great for collaboration and sharing.

Join in the #bughunt and help make #Kdenlive the best Free and Open Source video-editing software! Regardless of your programming knowledge, you can help. The hunt starts Sunday at 10am CET.

Just received the for fall 2018.

Support by donating to their fundraising campaign. Or by becoming an associate member. @fsf @fsf

Necuno Solutions and KDE collaboration

We are proud to announce our community collaboration with KDE and Plasma Mobile #kde #necunos

Time to get rid of the Android tracking device. From now I'll be carrying Ubuntu in my pocket.
Thanks @Ubports

Today the internet is coming together to restore #NetNeutrality before the end of this Congress. Join the protest and pressure lawmakers to overturn the FCC’s repeal -- info on how to contact Congress here:
Proprietary software places power in the hands of companies and developers instead of users. Help us to seize back control: donate to the FSF today!

NEWS: The GPL Compliance suit against VMware is moving forward -- the first appeal action took place in Germany yesterday:

Since @praveen hasn't written an #introductions toot yet, let me introduce him with a short podcast interviewing him on the Free Talk show.

Pirate Praveen is a Debian developer and social justice activist in India. He is known for bringing the massive free software projects diaspora* and GitLab into Debian.

I'm glad that he chose to join us on this tiny instance among many. Welcome Praveen!

Follow Friday starts early this week! 🎉

#FF #FollowFriday #Debian #Diaspora


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