I'm doing a workshop at :


I will explore different methods of installing Debian GNU/Linux - with live demos. Plus automating Debian installations and making them non-interactive. Come over if you want to discuss anything Debian.

This week KDE extends its advanced text editor, Kate, with custom tools; let's you easily switch audio from one device to another; allows you to know immediately when there's network trouble; and much more!


KDE Plasma 5.17 Beta is out now!
⚙️ Thunderbolt device management
⚙️ Night Color on X11
⚙️ Redesigned settings pages
⚙️ Fractional scaling on Wayland
⚙️ ...and more

📅 You have three weeks to test it until the final release.

People often assumed #rms would end his career at #fsf for health reasons, not for exercising #freespeech -- however controversial

And Tiny Tiny RSS can generate public feeds for articles you tell it to. This means that, if people add my generated feed, I can recommend *any* article, whether the source is a direct RSS feed or something I've added from wallabag, and it will show up in their feed reader :thonking:

🤯 🤯

The Librem 5 impacts Linux desktops makeuseof.com/tag/librem-5-pho

1. Adaptive GNOME Apps
2. Desktop-Compatible Mobile Apps
3. Improvements to Upstream Projects
4. More Options for Private Communications
5. Hardware Kill Switches

#purism #librem5 #linux #gnome

We all know that Google (with Chrome-ium) has at least close to 90% of the browser marketshare on the internet.

Which is your primary browser on your computer?

Remember that Brave, Opera and Edge are Chromium derivatives. I consider Safari to be separate since it's Webkit and not Blink.

Retoot this to get more votes in.

#poll #browser #firefox #chromium

#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

Hello fediverse! lib.reviews/ is a free/open/nonprofit alternative to proprietary review sites like #Goodreads, #Yelp, #IMDB.

It plugs into #opendata sources: #Wikidata, #OpenLibrary and #OpenStreetMap (OSM integration is very basic at this point). Still a long way to go but we have a small community and lots of reviews already. On GitHub at: github.com/eloquence/lib.revie - IRC: #lib.reviews on irc.freenode.net - Matrix: matrix.to/#/#lib.reviews:matri


#PrivacyYathra launch today at LBS College of Engineering today along with #Debian Buster release party. Schedule of the day lists.fsci.org.in/hyperkitty/l

Me, Sruthi, Akhil, Shameel and Naseem taking the passenger train from Kannur. Kannan will join us at Kasargode.

#PrivacyYathra reaches #Palakkad on the inauguration of FOSS Cell at NSS College of engineering. The same college that produced Santhosh Thottingal and Nandaja Verma.

Debutsav (debutsav.in) is a and @debian conference being organised next month in Goa. Attend the conference. Network with others in the community. The cfp is open - come talk about what you do or what you care about.



My dearest Android users, do not stuck in Google's monopoly! Do not stuck in their ecosystem. Come out from that.

Learn how to get root access to your mobile device and try your best to move to an "Open Source" and bloatware free OS like LineageOS.

Never use Google Play or Play Services craps. They are spying on you!!! Try F-Droid & AuroraStore.

Santhosh Thottingal wins the President's Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman for 2019

Santhosh Thottingal has won the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman by the Hon. President of India. This is in recognition of his substantial contribution in the field of Malayalam language. The award, instituted in 2016, is given to the substantial contributions to languages such as Sanskrit, Persian, Arabi, Pali and Classical


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