I've been donating to @mozilla Thunderbird (every month) for a few months now. It occurred to me that I was not doing anything to support one of the most important free software projects that I depend upon daily.

Please consider donating:

@abhas Wouldn't donate to them, as a organization they're making more money then they ever have.


The way I look at it, Thunderbird development has been lagging behind for the want of enough contributors. And so if such donations help bring more developer time to Thunderbird (specifically), that would be great.

It might be true that Mozilla has a lot of funds available to them now. Maybe this could be a voting for them to spend more of these funds on Thunderbird.

Thanks for the input and for reaching out...

@abhas If It's a software that you use daily then It's understandable, but I recommend putting some money In smaller, open source, and more community driven software as well, It's up to you though.

@Main_Tomato Yes absolutely. I intend to do that as well. Have been searching for projects / developers that I could support over Librepay and Patreon. Apart from supporting via donations to the FSF.

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