Our old friends at @Canonical have given us some more #UbuntuTouch devices to use for further development. So here's the offer: if you want to help develop Ubuntu Touch and need a device let us know over on our forum and someone will be In touch the forum link is here forums.ubports.com/topic/3368/ . #ubuntu #Developer #linux

@ubports I have a Nexus 5 running the latest Ubuntu Touch. How might I be of some help to you?

@abhas You could always head into the Telegram Group where our devs hang out and see if they have anything you might be interested in. The link is here t.me/ubports


@ubports Let me see if there is a matrix -> telegram bridge that I could use to connect to the group.

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@abhas That should be possible. The other option is to dive into our forum and ask in there if anything needs working on. The link is here forums.ubports.com

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