Today, at DeepRoot GNU/Linux, we complete 20 years of building, selling, supporting and advocating and /#Linux.

Please do visit the brief timeline we've published at:

I'm looking forward to using this occasion to discuss software freedom, self-hosting, building / running a free software business and so much more.

@abhas Good going, Abhas! Congratulations, and here's to another twenty years! 🙂

I don't know if you remember this, but you had kind of asked me to work for you back in 2003. Because I am an idiot, instead of taking you up on that offer, I looked for ways to join the herd. I still regret that stupid choice I made. It would have been far more fun and rewarding to work for My People instead of The Man.

@abhas Best wishes for a great future. Not many can have the same level of commitment to free software as you.

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