I am delighted to launch the 'Libre Tech Shop' - a unique shop for products that respect your freedom to learn, hack, extend and do things yourself.

Check out the online shop at:

The background story behind this launch:

Here - you'll be able to buy liberated computers, hackable mechanical keyboards, private and secure home automation solutions, wireless routers, spare parts and much more.

I forgot to mention that the Libre Tech Shop is 100% LibreJs compliant.

That was my first criteria for choosing an e-commerce framework. The choice Wordpress + Woocommerce enabled me to add LibreJs headers to all the javascript code (all of which was free/libre software already!).

@abhas awesome! but that keycap set costs the same as my keyboard 😶



Oh you can say that again!

Spending on keys was a futile and vain endeavour till I gave up.

@abhas it's cool, but it takes me a long time to find what is the money used on the shop and where you are. I had to put product the basket and start processing order operation to see that you only deliver in India.
It would be great to announce that more clearly 😊

@F1RUM That's a very good point. Let me mention this clearly in the footer.

Thank you for stopping by...

@F1RUM @abhas yeah, it is a big deal for the target buyers too; there hasn't been a good alternative in India since that company in Rajasthan stopped several years ago.

@F1RUM Thanks. I bought the laptop that I am typing in right now from @abhas. Very very cool stuff!

@abhas Nice site! And nice initiative, could be useful! I'll try it out if/when you ever ship to NZ.

I like that the site works without JS & includes decent HTML5 semantics. Got tempted to check if it would theoretically work in my auditory browser engine "Rhapsode" after having had released a new version. Also the site looks pretty, which is always important!

Wishing you the best of luck!

@alcinnz Thank you for your feedback! I haven't yet considered international shipping yet (too many regulations to clear in India!). 🙂

"Rhapsode" sounds lovely. To test it out, are there any binaries available? Or is it advisable to compile from source?

@abhas You're welcome.

Sorry no, Rhapsode does not yet have any binaries. You'd have to install from source. I've tested the installation instructions before, but probably should again.

@abhas I have a question about your site: why coreboot instead of Libreboot?

@avalos Libreboot only runs on older computers (eg. Core2Duo-based Thinkpad X200). The new successor to Libreboot is Osboot and that does run on X230.

The X230 with Coreboot can actually operate without proprietary firmware and in that respect, it is "almost" similar to Libreboot.

Here is a list of hardware supported by Osboot:

In future, I plan to ship with Osboot (which is Coreboot with a new config + compile system borrowed from Libreboot).

@abhas I wouldn't call Osboot a sucessor to Libreboot, since Osboot does contain proprietary blobs, which is contrary to the mission of Libreboot. If Osboot runs in some computers without proprietary blobs, that's fine, but if you promote Osboot as freedom respecting, free-software-aware people might want to flash it on their computers too, and that's unacceptable.

@avalos I was basing my judgement about binary blobs in x230 + coreboot based on my personal experience + this message from Leah:

I'm aware of the fact that coreboot includes proprietary blobs in its support for many boards.

@abhas I saw your shop web page it is really libre software oriented. I wish you success.

Hello, free software community. This is a new libre software oriented computer shop opened in India by @abhas. You can think it is similar to ThinkPenguin and Technoethical in US and Europe but in India instead. Currently, it ships only in India but you can see everything about it is awesome. I think you will be interested.

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@abhas Excellent initiative. Best of luck with it :)

@abhas are liberated vanilla Android phones available in India?

@ashwin_baindur Sorry I missed responding back earlier.

There are several phone models that are very easy to unlock and install LineageOS on. I have tested out phones from Asus, Mi and Motorola recently and have been able to get them working with f-droid and free software applications successfully.

Let me assemble a list of the models I've tested out recently so that it might offer a starting point for you.

@abhas Nice site ❤️ 🤩 👍 Wish you much success with it🙏

@lioh Thank you very much. 🙂 Really appreciate it...

Awesome shop! I wish that you shipped outside of India, but I wish you the best of luck.

@jeang3nie Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! 🙂

It would be tough to ship used / refurbished laptops outside India. Too many regulations that make it not worth it.

However, other products should be possible to export. Let me gear up first and then figure out the logistics for this. Will keep you posted!

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