This is why alternatives to official app stores are essential and this is almost impossible with Apple

The Debian Release team started the #releasingDebianBuster preparations by disabling the migration script "britney" and other maintenance scripts. Automatic builds of Debian images are also stopped

Hi @Tusky I wish if you make the toots on "load more" slide up

Got a spare half hour this Sunday? There are many ways you can give the LibreOffice community a hand, meet new people, and improve the software for everyone! Check it out:

israel, apartheid whitewashing 

The problem with this account is that I can't exclaim animals' names without adding disclaimers.

Butters the Bean? Someone replies assuming that I am buttering some bean and talking about myself in 3rd person. Toast the cat? Someone assumes I am calling for a cat to be put in a toaster.

Anyway, Dusty!!

So many exciting things happening with ActivityPub projects recently!

- mastodon adds registration api
- pleroma stable release, tons of updates
- prismo has a new logo and version
- anfora has a surge of recent development
- florence gaining traction
- fedilab adds support for non-masto projects
- funkwhale hosts sync meetings to coordinate project dev
- WriteAs announces WriteAs Labs
- Spritely releases Golem demo

And lots more!

5 beta 1 is live for all beta testers on Google Play!
Read the full changelog here:
Please report us all bugs so we can release a stable Tusky 5.0 for everybody soon!

Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.

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