@nihl It would be my dream job to be able to do some OpenBSD stuff for a living.

@xmanmonk I am going to see Joker tomorrow. Did you see it by any chance?

@xmanmonk Hey! How are you doing, man? I know I've been off of mastodon for a minute. Things have been, well to put it mildly, crazy.

@nihl I am nearing the end of CCNA class and I have finally scored a job interview or two.

@nihl How are things coming along? Hope you're happier now that you're not working that soul sucking job.

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Which one is the best?

OMG! I finally understand how root bridge election happens on spanning tree protocol. It took putting some switches into packet tracer and farting around. It's not so difficult after all!

I am really struggling to understand the spanning tree protocol election process. I know it's not that difficult but I am constantly getting the roles wrong.

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Guess who your Net Control Operator is.... 😝


to listen to the SDF Amateur Radio Club's weekly net, pls click below:


Well, that was very anti-climactic! Can you believe that the CCNA curriculum does not even discuss IPSEC!? It goes to the trouble of showing you how to create a GRE tunnel but they fucking forgot the whole security side. What a crock of shit! In fact the whole module on the WAN side of things is lacking. It's just a survey really. Good thing I've been doing networking with BSD for the past 20 years.

@nihl You're farther ahead than me! I can barely write shell scripts! 😜

Gilles Chehade is right about running your own email server being fairly easy. It's not as difficult as the Big Corp Email peoples want you to believe!

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Eric Faurot (eric@) has released libasr 1.0.3, a portable version of his asynchronous resolver library.


A lot of people don't know that Eric's libasr has been OpenBSD's libc resolver for many years. All POSIX/legacy resolver functions are implemented on top of it. :flan_thumbs:


#OpenBSD #OpenSMTPD (1/2)

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libasr became the default libc resolver implementation in OpenBSD 5.4, API became public with 5.6, having been in development since before 5.2.



Very descriptive commit message, but here's where the old BIND4 resolver APIs were purged! :flan_cleaver:


Gilles Chehade's new filtering mechanism for is phenomenal! The filtering based on regex for reverse dns is flat out denying the internet's assholes like shodan, criminalip, censys, and stretchoid. They connect and get a 550 Forbidden message about a second later.

@sungo Actually, in some circles I've seen the term nerd equated with incel and neckbeard.

Well, I scored an interview for a lowly help desk job for all of 58K a year. I was earning that in 2007. I hate my life.

@phessler Hi! Just a quick question. Are there any plans to make spamd ipv6 aware? Thanks much.

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