I feel like everyone should use past-tense when referring to a hyperlink to someplace else on the web. When the links inevitably break, it reads much nicer. Consider:

Documentation can be found here: https://something.gone/


Documentation could be found here:

cryptobros: why trust banks when you could instead trust a network of organized crime destroying the environment

Well, I got a custom build of the AREDN mesh firmware to run on Meraki MR16 AP hardware. Don't know how useful that is to anyone.


Its funny that it got labelled piracy like how pirates used to sail up to poor defenseless ships, forcefully board them and then copy the entire ship and sail away with the copy leaving the original ship to go on its way.

Dammit, I think I might have fried the serial port on my Tandy 102. 🙁

I did a takedown request on opensea to get someone to stop selling one of my drawings.

Opensea added me to their fucking mailing list.


the clocks must be changed
it has been by law arranged
the sun does not care


Also, tell your city council that you want directional lights pointed DOWN, and not directing a bunch of wasted light into the sky. It's cheaper AND it preserves our night skies.

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Xmas art is finally starting to show up, so now I can post things again! This is Ichabod, the best son, who's owner is twitter.com/Jack0ffJohnny?s=09

watercolor on a small card, was laminated and then mailed

#art #MastoArt #watercolor

A creepycute abyss monster for Riazu over on Telegram. I think creepy hot weird things with too many eyes is just my aesthetic now.

SAI w/ some Clip Studio for post processing

#mastoart #art

I fixed up an old hand-crank meat grinder. What should I grind with it?

The web without JavaScript? Perposterous! How would gmail work?

It wouldn't. You'd use IMAP and SMTP. Bonus: you have a lot more ownership over the email process with IMAP and SMTP.

Was Unix awk named after Andrew W.K, or was Andrew W.K. named after Unix awk?

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