Took my end-fed HF antenna down for the hurricane so the trees don't rip it off the house. It's laying on the lawn in a pile. It still receives better than my Comet HFJ-350M, lol.

I feel like it's significantly easier to swat a mosquito mid-air between two hands than it is to get them on a surface. What's up with that?

#MCH2022 name tag now has co2, fire, and googly eye all integrated. Co2 in my own tent surprisingly high, but around 400ppm in the badge tent so that's good. Currently working on another sensor...

Slowly making my way in to COM on the coco2. 😴
At least I got true lowercase working.


SSTV MP115 Image received on 7.171 MHz LSB at 2022-06-14 21:47:33 UTC
#sstv #MP115 #7171

I need to write my own minimalistic data entry app for converting my paper logs into ADIF format. I feel like every logging app suffers from feature creep. :(

SSTV S1 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-05-20 10:20:52 UTC
#sstv #S1 #14230

I'm more annoyed by having to show all of these CW'd posts than I am by whatever they might be hiding, but I can't find a way to auto-unhide CWs with toot... :(

The waterfall is surprisingly calm in the mornings before all my neighbors turn on their garbage electronics...


I was discussing airboats and human powered vehicles with a friend and did some searching. Stumbled across this a local Florida man cooked up a while back.

Seems right up your alley somehow. Also the website is hilarious.

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