Whenever I someone says "It didn't work until I turned off #IPv6", I hear "It didn't work until I replaced the fuse with a paperclip." Sure, it turned on, but there's something else amiss in your system that needs to be addressed.

@nivex What you describe as "your system" means anywhere between your browser and the webserver, unfortunately...

My ISP still doesn't support it, and using a tunnel like he.net just makes things like Netflix and Roku stop working. The solution to that is to disable IPv6 on the network. 😞

@abortretryfail When I wrote this post I had a recent conversation in mind where someone was arguing for completely disabling the IPv6 stack in their OS.

What did your ISP say when you called and asked them when they would be enabling IPv6?



They've been noncommittal about it every time I've asked, and considering they just went through a bankruptcy I don't have my hopes up.

Their fiber network is still pretty solid or I'd have switched off them by now.

I have IPv6 shut off on the router here because you can't (easily) disable it on individual devices like "smart" TVs, streaming dongles, etc.

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