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First, second and fourth class Georgian house designs (v much the type of architecture Ruskin hated)

drawings are from John Summerson's 'Georgian London', worth a read

JMW Turner's 'The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons' (1834) — looking ahead to our forthcoming shows on John Ruskin and Victorian gothic (the latter mostly in the bonuses)

Don Davis's surreal visualisation of the construction of a Bernal Sphere

Rick Guidice's image of the Stanford Torus design — from the Space Settlements design study

Don Davis's image of the O'Neill Cylinder design — note the window into space in the distance!

The first About Buildings in conversation — we talked to Fred Scharmen about Space Settlements in the 1970s.
Let us know what you think —

Our conversation with Fred Scharmen should go live some time today — a fascinating discussion of NASA's 1970s Space Settlements design study. Thanks a lot to Fred — we've previously linked to his essay on Places Journal which is worth a read

41.5 — Patreon Bonus
We talked about the sequel '2010' and looked at the latest batch of proposals for martian habitats. Some of them are in need of an interior designer. Subscribe on Patreon to receive bonus episodes — links on our website

Episode 41 — the concluding part of our discussion of '2001 — A Space Odyssey'

Another of the great vector animations — in the pilots cabin

from '2001 — A Space Odyssey' (1968)

More space food — sandwiches this time

from '2001 — A Space Odyssey' (1968)

now seem to be successfully cross posting, let's see if the images work

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