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lovely review from 'geezisthisnamealreadytaken?' on Apple Podcasts, glad we're 'unspoiled by the excessive credulity found in most architectural education and media' — if you do enjoy the show, please give us a review, it helps other people to find us!

🚨New Patreon Episode🚨 As a tangent from our ongoing series on Otto Wagner, we've done a Patreon bonus episode about Gustav Klimt and the Vienna Secession, Austro-Hungarian Art Nouveau, Beethoven fetishism, the sins of man and pornography. 🧵Subscribe:

Nearly at 3,000 followers!! Who is going to help this architectural history podcast get those numbers up? 🤔

Thank you so much to dsalcoda_ on instagram, who made some fan art for the show! We've started work on our next series on the work of architecture critic Ian Nairn, watch this space

🚨🚨 NEW EPISODE! 🚨🚨 we discussed Otto Wagner's work on the infrastructure of the city of Vienna. Follow this thread for pictures of the dams, railway stations and bridges that shaped Viennese modernity and provided the infrastructure for this rapidly growing city.

New Patreon Bonus Episode! 🚨🚨 We're talking about Otto Wagner's Ideal Schemes, the sublime and impractical projects that never made it off the drawing board, but are spectacular paper architecture. Subscribe to our Patreon and follow this 🧵 for pics:

New episode! Discussing Otto Wagner's Landerbank in Vienna and the Rumbach Street Synagogue in Budapest, as well as debates about style and modernity in 19th century German architecture. Subscribe through the link in our bio. Follow 🧵 for images.

🚨NEW EPISODE🚨 First part of a new series on Otto Wagner, we're talking about the development of the city of Vienna in the 19th century, particularly the Ringstraße which transformed the 'glacis', a gap around the old city walls into the heart of a modern metropolis. 🧵 below

Sorry for the delay this month! Our second episode on WG Sebald's Austerlitz (and a Patreon bonus ep) will be out very soon

New Patreon bonus episode! We discussed the films of Patrick Keiller in this one including 'London' and 'Robinson in Space' Listen to this clip from the ep, and follow this 🧵 for stills and clips from Keiller's films. Subscribe to our Patreon to listen:

extremely low res photo from our partially remote recording session today, our new series on Otto Wagner will be starting in March

We've just published a Patreon bonus on the films of Patrick Keiller: 'London' and 'Robinson in Space', and why it feels like we're stuck in the long-90s. Subscribe to our Patreon for just £3 a month to listen to our back catalogue of bonus episodes:

Listen to an excerpt from WG Sebald's Austerlitz, in which the eponymous architectural historian outlines his magnum opus, a study of the architecture of the bourgeois, imperialist societies of 19th century Europe. Catch our latest Sebald episode on Spotify and all podcast apps

We've just published an episode on Austerlitz by WG Sebald. It is a novel concerned with memory and architecture, telling the story of an arch. historian slowly recovering repressed childhood memories of fleeing Prague on the Kindertransport. Follow for photos from the novel 🧵

Welcome to our new followers! We're a podcast about architectural history, you can subscribe to us wherever you usually get your podcasts ( – our back catalogue includes everything from Cistercianism to Zaha, and our next episodes will be out very soon

Paul Rudolph's unbuilt proposals for the Lower Manhattan Expressway, everything that Jane Jacobs despised about urban planning. We talked about this scheme and the career of Robert Moses in our latest Patreon episode. Listen now:

🚨NEW PATREON BONUS🚨 Our final episode on Jane Jacobs, in which we discussed her arch-nemesis Robert Moses, his plans for the Lower Manhattan Expressway and his fall from the towering heights of New York local government. Listen to this clip 🦻

"There’s a war of attrition against cars and we have to make the city progressively more hostile to them if we want to have fewer of them around. If you build more road people fill it with cars.” 🦻 Listen to this clip from our latest episode on Jane Jacobs 🦻

🦻 "She’s really pushing back hard against functional zoning as a principle." 🦻 Listen to this clip from our second episode of Jane Jacobs' 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities', where we discussed gentrification and urban planning in this canonical book!

A clip from our latest episode on Jane Jacobs, where we discuss the growth of the American suburb and the gentrification that she advocated in cities 🦻 "She cannot imagine why anyone would want to move out to the suburbs. She thinks that they are all making a mistake."

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