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🚨 New Bonus 🚨 Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose', a thrilling genre-mashup, borrowing from Arthur Conan Doyle, Charlie Brown and Biblical Revelation to conjure an ecstatic vision of medieval monasticism. Subscribe now for $3 a month to get access:

Thanks to for sponsoring our latest episode! They publish lushly illustrated architectural maps from Art Deco New York to Brutalist Sydney. Get 10% off until the end of August if you use the code 'aboutbuildings' when you buy:

🚨New Episode🚨 The first in our new series on monastic architecture from their origins to their after-live in the imagination of the 20th century. In this first episode we're discussing Romanesque sculpture, pilgrimage culture, and Cistercian asceticism. Follow thread for images

We've just published our final episode on Christopher Alexander, looking at the build your own home resources on, asking what it would be like to live in Alexander's ideal world? Subsribe to the Patreon to listen:

Our second episode on is out now! In the episode we discuss his most famous work, 'A Pattern Language' and his idiosyncratic built work — listen to the episode now and if you enjoy the show, give us a review in your podcast app

New Patreon bonus episode out now! Christopher Alexander VS Peter Eisenman - subscribe to hear us discuss the 1982 debate where Alexander said that Eisenman was 'fucking up the whole profession of architecture right now by propagating these beliefs'

Catch our new series on , out now! In the first episode we discuss his 1964 book 'Notes on the Synthesis of Form', a strange book that is pessimistic about modern design, seeking salvation in computational maths

We're now on Youtube — useful if you want to link to or share specific episodes

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We just published the final episode in our series on Zaha Hadid! In it we discuss ZHA's weird noughties luxury homeware, reinventing everything from the suit to the dog kennel. You can listen now by subscribing to our Patreon for just $3 a month:

Catch our final episode on , out now! In it we discuss some of the innumerable projects ZHA designed from the noughties until her untimely death in 2016. Follow the thread below for images.

Catch our latest Patreon Bonus episode now, where we discuss the pivot to at Zaha Hadid's practice in the 1990s, part of our ongoing series on Check it out for dodgy 90s rendering, like the V&A boiler house extension competition

Catch our latest episode on Zaha Hadid now - discussing the work she started to get built in the 1990s, including Vitra Fire Station, Spittelau Viaduct Housing and the competition winning but unbuilt Cardiff Bay Opera House

The outcome of the poll for our next episode! We’ll be covering Pattern Language after we’ve finished our current series on Zaha... thanks to everyone who voted 🙏

New Patreon Bonus episode out now! An in-depth discussion of the paintings produced by Zaha Hadid’s practice in the 1980s and beyond - the paintings are gorgeous and amazing, but what architectural purpose do they serve beyond looking cool? Follow the thread for pics

Things are looking very close over in the poll to choose the subject of our next episode, you can vote here if you want to stop Christopher Alexander beating Jane Jacobs:

We’re running a poll on our Patreon (open to everyone) to decide the subject of our next episode. The options are: Christopher Alexander, Jane Jacobs or Cedric Price! Vote now 🥳 🥳

We’ve just published an unlocked bonus episode on our podcast feed about OMA and BIGNESS - if you like this episode, we’ve got many hours of bonus content on our Patreon for just $3 a month

Our 2nd episode on Zaha Hadid is out now! In this episode we discuss Zaha’s entry into the Hong Kong Peak Leisure club competition, the Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition and we interview Andrew King of, who worked in Zaha’s office in the 80s

If you’ve not listened to it yet, our second episode on is out now: in this episode we discuss the Hong Kong Peak complex competition, the Deconstructivist Architecture exhibition and we interview Andrew King of who worked for Zaha in the late 80s!

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