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Plans of Philip Webb's Joldwynds (1870-74)
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Conversation 2 — Adam Caruso
We're releasing the audio from our ‘In Conversation’ with Adam Caruso, held at Nottingham Contemporary on October the 4th.
There's a link to download our slides in the show-notes.

The main hall at Philip Webb's Clouds (1877-86) — discussed in the current bonus episode

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A reminder about my book! *Square Eyes* — a futuristic graphic novel by Luke Jones & Anna Mill.
Available on Amazon and all good book shops.
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Philip Webb's St Martin's Church, Brampton

as discussed on the current bonus episode

Gothic windows of the fifth order — from John Ruskin's 'Stones of Venice'

Gothic windows — of the second variety — from John Ruskin's 'Stones of Venice'

The interior of Philip Webb's St Martin's Church in Brampton — as discussed on the current AB+C bonus episode. Subscribe on Patreon, links on our website

Bonus Episode — 43.5 — Hot pink armour
We discuss the Gothic Revival after Ruskin — as a mainstream style in the vast institutional settings of the mid to late 19th century, and in its critical reinvention in the Arts & Crafts projects of William Morris…

Episode 43 — Stones of Venice
We discuss the first two volumes of ‘Stones of Venice’ — the interminable first and dream-like second. Shafts, archivolts, more shafts, rotten and sun-whitened vegetation, encrustation, palaces (Gothic and Byzantine), melanc…

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