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Patrick Mcgoohan as 'Number 6' in The Prisoner, an international man of mystery trapped in the retro-pastiche world of 'The Village,' complete with terrifying, homicidal weather balloon. ⁠

Listen to us discuss this deeply bizarre 60s cult show in o…

Bonus Episode!! 57.5 — The Prisoner⁠

This bonus episode is available to Patreon subscribers.⁠

Continuing our reflections on various Reactionary figures, we discuss the cult 60s TV show, The Prisoner. Patrick Mcgoohan plays a thrusting, modern, in…

Brentwood Cathedral, by Quinlan Terry, 1989-91.⁠

Terry's neoclassicism comes up for debate in our latest episode on post-war Reactionaries.

In Reactionaries part 2, we discussed some of the tendencies of Post-War Urbanism which Erith, Terry and Krier reject and critique - this video showing urban change in Glasgow really gives a sense of the scale of these projects: (Thanks to Tom Dalton)

Interior details of Quinlan Terry's Brentwood Catholic Cathedral, 1989-91. We discuss Terry's ideological opposition to modernism in our latest episode.⁠

The massive neo-classical blocks of Quinlan Terry's Richmond Riverside Development, now home to PayPal. We visited the development for our latest episode on Post War Reactionaries, and discuss some of its flaws.

The Library at Downing College Cambridge, designed by Quinlan Terry in a Doric Greek Revival style, with an octagonal Tower of the Winds lantern. We discuss the uncanny materiality of reactionary traditionalism, and much else besides, in our latest episo…

A sketch of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice by Quinlan Terry.⁠

Terry's curious and idiosyncratic flavour of continuity classicism comes up for discussion (and plenty of critique) in our latest episode.

Raymond Erith and his pupil Quinlan Terry undertaking a measured survey. Erith on his deathbed was supposedly visited by Vitruvius in a dream, who implored him to 'measure, measure, measure.'⁠

We discuss Erith, Terry, and their peculiar relationshi…

The row of Georgian houses on Downing Street, originally converted into a single block by William Kent. Raymond Erith oversaw restoration work in the 1960s, cementing his intense love for Georgian Architecture.⁠

We discuss Erith and traditional arc…

Raymond Erith at Number 10 Downing Street, where he oversaw extensive (and expensive) restoration work in the 1960s. ⁠

Erith is one of the 'post-war reactionaries' that we discussed in our latest episode.

Raymond Erith's Folly in Hertfordshire. This curious ovoid-planned tower reflects Erith's idiosyncratic revival of the classical vernacular, and the rural context in which his work feels most comfortable.⁠

We discuss Erith and other post war reacti…

Raymond Erith's House for the Provost of Queen's College Oxford, with Hawksmoor's All Soul's in the background.⁠

We discuss Erith's Neoclassical Traditionalism in our latest episode.

Raymond Erith's design for an Italian Church, produced for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 1952. Erith was frustrated by the economic and legislative barriers to building that defined post-war Britain. Erith wrote about his RA proposals in a lette…

New Episode!! 57 — The Reactionaries — 2/3 — Caesar's Palace without the Fun⁠

In our second episode on Reactionaries, we explore the rejection of modernism by traditionalist architects and theorists in England after the Second World War. Modernism …

Technicolour Ruins! Dulwich Gallery suffered extensive bomb damage during WWII, luckily the collection had been removed to rural Wales. We discuss Soane's obsession with ruins and polychromatic classicism in our latest episode.

More archaeologically accurate polychromy applied to Claude Lorrain's Capriccio of the Forum of Rome. We discuss the classical legacy and John Soane's Dulwich Picture Gallery in our latest episode.

Dulwich Gallery's summer pavilion, 'The Colour Palace', by Pricegore Architects and Yinka Ilori, relocated to the heart of Soane's Bank of England. We discussed Soane in the pavilion for our newly released live show.

Piranesi's Via Appia updated with some archaeologically rigorous colour. Including Dulwich Picture Gallery's Summer Pavilion, 'The Colour Palace', where we recorded a special live episode, out now!

Catch our latest episode, a live panel discussion about John Soane and polychromy, hosted by Dulwich Picture Gallery.

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