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Section of a Roman Amphitheatre, illustrating the 1755 edition of Alberti's treatise On the Art of Building. ⁠

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Designs for a Composite capital, combining the volute scrolls of the Ionic and the acanthus leaves of the Corinthian from the 1755 Leoni edition of Alberti's treatise. We discuss Alberti's relationship to classicism, and his writing on architecture in ou…

Designs for Ionic Capitals in the 1755 Leoni Edition of Alberti's De Re Aedificatoria. We talk about Alberti's conception of harmony and beauty in our latest episode!⁠

More bricks!! Alberti loved them, this illustration from the 1755 Leoni edition of De Re Aedificatoria draws heavily on precedents of Roman brick laying, including opus reticulatum.⁠

Another illustration from the 1755 Leoni edition of Alberti's De Re Aedificatoria. Check out our latest episode on Alberti out now!


61 — Alberti — 1/2 — De Re Aedificatoria⁠

In this first episode of a two parter, we tackle the original big beautiful bouncing boy of the High Italian Renaissance, Leon Battista Alberti, and his 1485 blockbuster publication, On t…

Alberti loved bricks almost as much as Louis Kahn, and this illustration depicts an 18th century interpretation of Alberti's favourite brick bond, interleaved triangular bricks.

An illustration of a Classical entablature from the 1755 edition of Alberti's 'Ten Books on Architecture' - we have two episodes on Alberti in the pipeline, the first on his books and the second on his buildings. These stunning images were later addition…

An illustration of a crane from the 1755 Leoni edition of Alberti's 'Ten Books of Architecture' - we've got an episode on Alberti coming out very soon!

An illustration of a Tuscan Column, from the 1755 Leoni Edition of Leon Battista Alberti's 'Ten Books of Architecture' - the subject of our forthcoming episode!

ABC host and editor are both speaking at this conference on architectural history in London on Friday — book your free tickets here:

In a tangent from the recent Banham binge, welcome to the American Airlines Space Freighter 'Valley Forge' where the last surviving trees from the Earth's forests sit in enormous geodesic domes in low orbit over Saturn. In this b…

The grain elevators of Buffalo, and their inspirational impact on European Modernism, formed the cornerstone of Banham's last published book, 'Concrete Atlantis.'⁠

Catch our second episode on Reyner Banham now!⁠

Reyner Banham out in the Mojave for his book on American Deserts.⁠

Catch our bonus episode on the cult 70s sci-fi movie 'Silent Running' out soon!

Reyner Banham with an iconic Charles Rennie Mackintosh chair.⁠

Catch our latest episode on Banham now!

Banham's BBC documentary on the City of Angels has become a cult classic. It includes an unmissable interview with the artist Ed Ruscha singing the praises of gas station architecture.⁠

Catch our latest episode on Banham, and give us a review on yo…

Archigram's Proposal for a pop-up 'Camden Fun Palace' featured in Reyner Banham's 'clip-on architecture' edition of Design Quarterly.⁠

We will soon release a bonus episode on the cult 70s sci-fi movie 'Silent Running' - you can listen on our Patreo…

The dream of plastic, clip-on, plug-in, modular architectural construction is one of the dreams of Reyner Banham's mid-career. We discussed his writings and his work in our recent two parter.

Reyner Banham, in Buffalo in 1977, preparing material for 'Concrete Atlantis', again accompanied by his trusty bicycle.⁠

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