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To hear a discussion of this adorably scaled tomb of Giovanni Rucellai, check out our latest episode on Leon Battista Alberti. ⁠

Giovanni Rucellai was one of the most powerful men in Florence, so it seems perfectly natural that Alberti would take inspiration for his tomb from Jesus' tomb at the Holy Sepulchre. You can see this perfect architectural statement today in the church of…

The perfect jewellery box tomb of Giovanni Rucellai, in the church of San Pancrazio, Florence. Modelled on the supposed tomb of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Designed by Leon Battista Alberti 1464-7. Make sure you check out our pinned instagram…

Don't miss out on our latest episode, discussing the buildings of Leon Battista Alberti and there curious combination of rigorous proportion and Roman references. Check out our Instagram for a pinned story to watch as you listen!

If you're listening to our new episode on Leon Battista Alberti (2/2) and his buildings, make sure you check out our pinned Instagram story, which includes photos of all the buildings we discuss!

New episode dropping this afternoon! Alberti part 2, discussing the buildings that Leon Battista Alberti designed in Florence, Mantua, Rimini and elsewhere.

One of the most exciting things about the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is the innovative incorporation of the woodcut illustrations. Here we have a triumphal chariot depicted in two separate frames over a double spread.⁠

One of the most cryptic and exciting things about the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is the sense of forbidden and cabalistic knowledge inured through the innovative introduction of Greek, Hebrew and Arabic text into the text.⁠

We discuss this strange p…

Poliphilo wanders through the dense forests of his dreams, in the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, published in Venice in 1499. We talk about this amazing and bizarre book in our latest Patreon bonus.⁠

New Patreon Bonus!⁠

61.5 — Hypnerotomachia Poliphili ⁠

The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili is one of the oldest (and weirdest) illustrated books about architecture in the Western canon, printed in Venice 1499. And when we say 'about architecture' we me…

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili concerns a young man who falls asleep and experiences erotic dreams about Nymphs, architecture and much else beside.⁠

We discuss this mysterious book, and its possible connections to Alberti in our Patreon bonus.⁠

An enigmatic woodcut dragon from the 1499 Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, a surreal and cryptic tale of fantastical architecture and sensual pleasures.⁠ We are talking about this weird weird book in a forthcoming Patreon bonus.

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Doric columns and entablatures from the 1755 Leoni illustrated edition of Alberti's De Re Aedificatoria.⁠

Part 2 of our Alberti series, where we discuss his buildings, is coming out soon!⁠

Section and plan of a colonnaded atrium from the 1755 Leoni edition of De Re Aedificatoria. Note the distinctly Palladian motif of alternating triangular and segmental pediments on the second storey, a reflection of the later date of the images in this e…

A fresco from the Niccoline Chapel in the Vatican, painted by Fra Angelico 1447-1451 for Pope Nicholas V, who held the papacy whilst Alberti was working for the Catholic Church after studying religious law.⁠

In the not too distant future we're doing an episode about Zaha Hadid — if you have stories, views, fun facts, anecdotes, email us or hit the DMs...

Section of a Roman Amphitheatre, illustrating the 1755 edition of Alberti's treatise On the Art of Building. ⁠

Sadly the Ayn Rand Stans have arrived and they don't love the podcast :(

Designs for a Composite capital, combining the volute scrolls of the Ionic and the acanthus leaves of the Corinthian from the 1755 Leoni edition of Alberti's treatise. We discuss Alberti's relationship to classicism, and his writing on architecture in ou…

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