sure hope mastodon isn't an elaborate april fool's joke by twitter

Have you tried increasing the number of characters you can use to specify a solution to the problem?

Whole building shakes like a tornado coming through. Mortar falls like snow from the brickwork as a turbine roar dopplers away. Ten seconds of silence. Then coworkers, simultaneously, "oh, it's Opening Day at Fenway."

A well-hidden difference can be revealed to great effect.

There is such a thing as clean meta and dirty meta. If "ascending a second meta-level" does not have an obvious meaning, that may mean it's dirty meta. Or you might have wrapped all the levels into one.

Inventing the rules for a contest.

Seeking a goal toward which people can strive earnestly without becoming unsportsmanlike, showy braggarts, or dishonest.

Artificial order; illusions of order.

Treating the symptoms instead of deciding/assuming/pretending there's a disease.

Talking to people about issues. Denying/ignoring a sense of mystery.


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