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I'll take a look into another instance tomorrow. If i like it, i'll migrate to it

Cloudfront also makes sure to insert some custom HTTP headers to track you. So no matter if you disable javascript or not, you are still being tracked.
Modern web is "bloaty" and it's for a reason...

Look at this piece of JSON I found embedded to a website whose only purpose is to simply display your user agent.

For what I can understand, this JSON is a list of "clickbait" ads.

Do I need all this crap just to see my user agent? No. In fact the server could just return it as text/plain and it would be much more useful and waaaaay way less bloated than this nightmare.

Worst of all, most of this data is probably auto-generated from data mined from your internet usage.

Wenn du merkst, dass die Bäkerei einen guten Tag hat:
Wenn das Sortiment fast ausverkauft ist, aber das Brot immernoch warm ist

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@Zanidd @Julian_Wampfler And, BTW, we must fight the Swiss copyright law (, ), which will be debated soon in the spring session of : there we also have - & -style legislation being put in place.


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